Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Agile Value- Individuals and Interactions over Process and Tools

Agile is about have a people centric approach towards the software delivery. The are chance that this can be misinterpreted. Process and Tools are important. There should be defined processes to ensure that team knows the flow of activities and understand who is supposed to do what. Also there should be good operational tools to support efficient and quick delivery. But among all the most important aspect is the team member who is performing this. It is a must that there need to be more and more interaction between the team members to ensure that the doubts are clarified on time. There should be more emphasis on face to face communication. Wherever face to face communication is not possible there should be methods available to have communication mechanism in place. We should use the systematic process to ensure this. It is to be noted that individuals and the interaction should give inputs towards the changes in the processes as the processes are created by individuals / group of individuals. We should not get bogged down into the layers of bureaucratic processes.
There is another side to this which we would mention though an example. There is a team where the testing team did not post any defect and just informed the development team about the defrect. The development team forgot to fix the defect. The test team did not regress the defect as the tester who found th defect was not available and to the other test who tested this was not aware about this. Finally the defect got leaked to the customer and this created series of issues. The learning is that the team already have customized the process and hand agreed to formally log the defects but he same is not followed. The lesson learned is that disciple is required to uplift the Agile Values.

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