Tuesday, March 15, 2011


How to become Agile. It is a question which we face quite often when we interact with the software development professionals. Well, there is no answer to this. First, we have to define what Agile is. Again, unfortunately there is no one answer to this. There are so many factors to the Agility which we will try to make a noble attempt in this chapter.
Agility is about the human dynamics, the culture, the mindset, the discipline, the ability to do things right, the capability and skills, and so many other factors..
Is there a difference between the ways the software development is being done is normal development methodology vs agile mode of development. Well, there is a big difference in way we approach towards the software development.

Agile is about customizing the operational processes to the need and ensuring better quality and efficiency. Fortunately the Agile Community has come out with innovative practice which does not ask you to do analysis-paralysis. Some of the various flavours of Agile are XP, Scurm, Feature Driven Development, Cyrstal, DSDM.
XP and Scrum is very rich in technical and a management practices respectively. Many teams uses the hybrid of XP and Scrum.

It is very important to have a strong team who understands the spirit of Agile. Agile should not be forced upon the team members. It should be decision of choice. Agile way of working can only sustain if we have a motivated workforce. People should have a good buy-in to practice agile.

It is to be noted that just by seating together in at able does not mean agile. Also just by having standup meeting at a common time is not being agile. If agile is being deployed by the team leader or the management to meet certain hidden agenda then rest assured that the deployment will not be a good learning of something to smile about. Agile adoption should not be pushed from top management. Management should give direction.

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