Sunday, April 3, 2011

Antipatterns of Daily Standup Meeting

In this post I would list down some of the anti patterns of Daily Standup which I have noticed in various teams:

  • Daily Standups continuing for more than 20 minute- Some Daily standup meeting continues very long. Some discussion goes for long and even the problem solving happens during the standup. The typical thumb rule can be that if the daily standup is taking more than 10 minutes then it can be abruptly closed. The abrubt closure is an indication to the team that they need to improve. The very reason it is a standup is because if members stands for more than 10 minutes the leg starts paining. :-) One of the way by which we can solve this issue is by logically separating the team based on the kind of work, provide trainings to the team members about the objective of the standup.

  • Daily Standups being used as a project status review meeting- Some daily standups are used as project status review meeting where the project managers takes feedbacks from the team members about the status of progress of work.

  • Members reporting to leader about the project- Leader centric - Daily standup being a reporting to the leader is also seen as common issue. Leader or the Scrummaster should take some actions like making the team conscious that standup should not be a reporting to the leader. Also the leader can show body language like removing the eye contact with the member who is only reporting the update to the leader.

  • Not good body language of the members- One kind of issue is seen where the body language of team members shows that they are not very much interested towards the updates of others. They somehow want to give their update and go back to work. Agile is all about working collaboration and having a team which collectively owns the work and code. Scrummaster should be cautious of such issues.

  • Daily Standup meeting is not attended by all the members- Sometimes all members of the team don't attend the standup . It is sometimes seen that on any given day any one / some person is always missing from the standup.

  • Daily Standup meeting time and place enforced to team- It is imporant that Daily Standup time, location is decided by the team and team should collaborative works towards this. The standup time and place should not be enforced to the team.

The above are few of the anti patterns which is observed. It is important that Agile Team overcomes these issues and ensure that the Daily Standup is conducted with the real objective of having collaboration and better communication between the team members.


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