Saturday, July 14, 2012

Agile Process Performance Model supporting CMMI- Product Quality Assessment

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Continuous Integration System can be used for effectively assessing the product quality in a very systematic manner. Each product team can select some of the key product quality parameters that are decisive about the quality. In this post we would propose a simple way of assessment which can be built up further by teams to come up with a kind of performance model based on the data that is captured.

Aspect Details Measurement/ Formula Expected Value Actual Value
Static Code Errors and Warnings Comprises of selected set of rules OR All rulesTotal no. of errors and warnings open 0 << From CI System>>
Function Coverage Can be measured for set of Functions OR for all FunctionsNo of Functions Covered > 90% << From CI System>>
Feature Stability MeasureList of important features OR All features. Feature Stability Average of the Daily Feature pass rate100%<< From CI System>>

Above aspects are just suggestions. There can be other parameters like Code Complexity, Maintainability Index, Line Coverage, Branch Coverage and others. Each team can customize the product quality parameters and measure it accordingly. Each build can be monitored on a daily basis for the key product quality parameters and the historical data can be stored. Using statistical or analytical techniques process performance model can be built based on the dependent, independent and controlled variables among these parameters. Based on the process performance model the product quality can be predicted / assessed at a sprint or release level.


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