Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Agile India conference 2015 - Dancing Along the Agile Fluency

In this post  I would summarize the key points which I noted from the talk of Dian Larsen on the topic "Dancing Along the Agile Fluency™ Path". This was an opening talk in the conference. For the sake of simplicity and to note down only the key points I would only bring out the main summary points.

It is inherited from one of the article which Diana and James Shore wrote together. This talk is not about maturity model.

Fluency is what you do automatically, without thinking.

Fluency appears as routine, smooth, skillful use.

Fluency results from an investment in learning.

Intentions for the Agile Fluency model

Positive-every level of fluency holds value

Inclusive- ANy/all methods get you there

Promotes improvement- Each new star illuminates new benefits

In the Agile Fluency model, the stars represent the team.

If team has to move from "Focus on Value" approach to "Deliver Value", It really requires Team Skills Shift. To move to the third shift "Optimize value" it really requires organization level structure change, it requires good product decisions, eliminate handoffs, management should work towards remong the impediments

If teams have to move from "Optimize value" to "Optimize for Systems" it requires big organizational culture shift, cross pollinate perspectives, stimulate innovation, optimize value stream.

In order to this the practices which can be followed can be

1 Star- Scrum, Kanban, Team configuration, Clear business priorities, Process redesign

2 Star- XP, XP Craftmanship, FDD, DevoPs, Training, Mentoring, Keep close eye on Productivity

3 Star- Lean Software, Lean Startup, Agile UI/UX,++.., Business experts, Management shifts,"Social Capital"

4 Star- Complx Adaptive systems, Beyond Budgeting, Management 3.0, Whole System focus, Culture Change

Key Learning from the presentation:  This presenation focuses on what aspects organization should focus on if they what to move from just building code to delivering value to optimizing systems to. We cant expect to manage in 1 start and deliver in 3 star. Key pointers further:

- How can your teams contribute to achieving organizational goals?

- Which steps will they dance.

Further Reading:

- Video in youtube about how spotify focused towards restructuring the team.

- Book on Joy Ink

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