Friday, March 27, 2015

Agile India Conference 2015- Starting with VSM and Kanban

This is a practical workshop on value stream mapping and work in progress.
Kanban is a tool to visualize and track the flow.

Value stream mapping defines the 'as-is' steps and the key roles. Value aded activities is time spent for value added activity related to customer. Non value added activities are time spent between steps.

Calculate your process efficiency= (va/va+nva)

To kanbanify the VSM, Merge 0 value added and 0 non value added step as 1, define board policies, calcuate WIP. Multi tasking is one of the worst thing during development.
-Minimum thoughput = team size
- Total WIP= Min throughput/efficiency  eg 7/55% = 13 (assuming no paring)
- % Effort per state= state VA/ total VA eg 4/14.5= 28%
-Proportion wip by state WIP= Total wip * % effort eg 13*28%= 4

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