Friday, March 27, 2015

Agile India Conference 2015- Lean Startup in Practice: Lessons learned from an MVP

This is a case study presentation of Lean Startup application.
Business Model Canvas

Avoid survey, get out of the building, talk to the customers, dont ask questions which are close ended. Reference - MOM Test (tbd)

Below snapshot talks about unknown unknown solution:
Focus should be learning, failure to learn is the problem, failing is also a learning. Experiments are a series of tests that help answer a question.

Millions play pictionary online. So people may play charades?

Why is lean startup practice is hard:
- Designing experiments are hard.
- Managing control variables across experiment baches requires rigor and persistence
- Sampling sizes need to be large enough to hold significance.
- Our understanding of cognitive psycology is still evolving.
- Miss commercial opportunities that may not emerge from clear problems.
- Easy to get caught in local maxima and pivot away.
-Tricky balance of bias towards action and bias towards reflection

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Anonymous said...

Business Canvas is a part of Steve Blanks customer development model; may be that is why Eric Ries said Lean Startup = Component/Tech stack + Customer Dev + Agile.
AdWords are indeed a very pragmatic acquisition technique in web/mobile arena
EricRies says MVP is somewhat "what you are thinking as your MVP"/8 (halved thrice)

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