Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Agile India Conference Six Fixes to UnSafe starts

This post is about the learning from the presentation by Francis Kelly from Scaled Agile. The presentation focused on the people centric approach to Lean Agile at Scale.

unSafe Starts. These are some of the key pattern of issues and and how Safe methodology can help in solving the issues. I have noted down the key pointers.

1. Manager not leading from the front

There are teams in which the manager don't lead from the front.
How to solve this:
- Train on Lean Agile leadership
- Team problem solving tools can be taught so that he can teach others

2 Alignment as lip service
Pattern of issues-  Shuttle diplomacy to align, Guides others decisions, face to face planning is too expensive

Safe can help through clear content, design, release authority, prioritized backlog, face to face planning and prioritized objectives.

3 Prioritization as game
Patterns- backroom deals, when the team fails the person shouts the loudest

4 Building portfolio practice without strong program execution experience
Patterns-  Wants metrics and more metrics, push more projects in the queue
SaFE- understand decentralized decision making, move from milestone driven metrics to value driven metrics, trust kaizen events

5. Using agile to build bad code
Patterns- Feature driven, likes watching code blow up when its time to merge, TDD, Writes code which no one else can understands

6.Never looking back
Patterns- Big ideas, no retrospectives,
Safe supports Kaizen, small steady improvements

1-2-3 SaFe Implementation- Refer picture below

Key learning from the presentation  This presentation focused on the key anti patterns in organization and how Scaled agile framework can solve some of these issues.

References- SAFe 4.0- 

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